Untouched by light bottle

The first sparkling wine in the world, produced in complete darkness.

Untouched by light

Grapes harvested at night in Radgona vineyards. Sparkling wine matured in centuries-old cellars without any access to light. Filled in black bottles. Sealed in black foil. For tasting in complete darkness. The best things happen in the dark.

Untouched by light experience box

Discover the taste of darkness in your own home!

Untouched by light experience box

The Experience box contains everything you need for a unique experience:
1) a bottle of Untouched by Light sparkling wine;
2) a cooler to maintain the appropriate temperature;
3) 4 black glasses that restrict light access to sparkling wine and allow you to share the Untouched by Light experience with others;
4) 4 blindfolds to help sharpen other senses: smell and taste are key here.

The entire production process is done in the absolute darkness.

The grapes are harvested on moonless nights.

The wine is handled in conditions void of light, using night vision goggles.

The wine matures in dark cellars, hidden in the caves of Radgona, in the complete absence of light, for up to three years.

That is how we create Untouched By Light sparkling wine.

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