Sparkling wine


Grapes picked at night in Radgona vineyards.
Matured in 168-year-old cellars void of light.
Bottled in 99.8% black glass.
Sealed in black foil.
To be consumed in complete darkness.
The best things happen in the dark.


Crafted by darkness

The entire production process is done in the absolute darkness. The grapes are harvested on moonless nights. The wine is handled in conditions void of light, using night vision goggles. The wine matures in dark cellars, hidden in the caves of Radgona, in the complete absence of light, for up to three years.

That is how we create Untouched By Light sparkling wine.


Inspired by centuries

In the making of Untouched By Light sparkling wine we have relied on the knowledge collected throughout the centuries.

From the period of archduke Johann of Habsburg-Lorraine, who expanded wine production in the Radgona area to the times when the Radgonske gorice cellars were owned by the Swiss-French family Bouvier.

All of it brought us to the unique taste of Untouched By Light.



Science behind

Science behind the wine Emerita professor Ann C. Noble from the University of California in Davis conducted a research about the impact of fluorescent light – commonly used in stores – on the taste of sparkling wines. It was proven that a wine’s exposure to light, even for a relatively short period of time, decreases the intensity of citrus aromas and increases the development of its off-flavour, called the light-struck aroma. The perfected sparkling wine production method we devised is directly inspired by these scientific conclusions.

Further reading: Sensory study of the effect of fluorescent light on a sparkling wine and its base wine.pdf


Taste of darkness

The first vintage of Untouched by Light is extremely fresh,

fruity and citrusy with the aftertaste of green tea and mint.

There is a continuation from the nose to the mouth. Very delicate bubbles give creaminess to the wine. It’s like an echo, balancing between the softness and crispiness which are usually in contradiction, but here they combine.

 Pierre-Yves Bournerias, Institute Oenologique de Champagne.


Experience box

Discover the taste of darkness in your own home! Black glasses will protect Untouched by Light from being spoiled by its coming out of the dark. The cooler will keep the sparkling wine crisp and fresh. And the eye covers will sharpen your senses even more, so that your palate will be ready for a hightened tasting experience.

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Slovenia, EU

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